Why is everyone mumbling?

At HEARINGLife, we know that hearing is more than just sound. It’s about experiencing life; creating memories; connecting with friends and family; and appreciating the subtle, eloquent aspects of nature.

It costs nothing to have your hearing assessed by one of our friendly, qualified audiologists who will provide expert advice tailored to your individual needs so book an appointment today.

With technology improving in leaps and bounds, many of today’s powerful hearing devices are now smaller than a coffee bean – or hidden completely inside the ear canal – they are well crafted and elegant, built using the most advanced technology on the market. You’ll hear the difference straight away and you simply won’t believe you waited so long to do something to improve your hearing.

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With Sennheiser Headphones worth $998. Simply complete the booking form (on the right) now to book a no cost* hearing check-up for your chance to WIN!;

  • ® Apple iPad Air – The tablet that enriches its user’s life
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Apple iPad Air


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