Your hearing device purchase includes a lot more than you’d expect!

At Hearing Life, your purchase doesn’t end with your new hearing devices.

As the hearing care experts, we are committed to providing you
with the best possible value, service and ongoing care.

And these benefits are all included in the price of your hearing devices!

Hearing device benefits

hearing device benefit
  • 3-year warranty on devices.
  • 30-day refund guarantee on devices.
  • Post-fitting adjustments and rehabilitation
  • Counselling as required for the life of your hearing devices.
  • Annual review and rehabilitation assessment.
  • Hearing device calibration and programming.
  • Hearing device prescription and suitability counselling.
  • Hearing device demonstration or trial as required.
  • Warranty repair service.
  • Over-the-counter minor repairs.

Access benefits

hearing device benefit
  • Assistance accessing the Australian Government Office of Hearing Services Program, which provides full or part subsidised hearing devices to eligible pensioners and those holding a DVA Health Card.
  • Access to NDIS program for eligible clients.
  • Access assistance to private health insurance rebates for eligible clients.
  • Work Cover case management as required.

Diagnostic and ongoing hearing care benefits

hearing device benefit
  • Medical contraindications assessment and referral as required.
  • Ear Canal Otoscopy (ear examination).
  • Cerumen (earwax) management as required.
  • Acoustic Lifestyle needs assessment.
  • Tympanometry (middle ear check) as required.
  • Audiometric assessment as required.
  • GP or ENT specialist reporting as required.
  • Audiological assessment outcomes plan.
  • Audio prosthetic ear impressions as required.
  • Aided and unaided speech testing as required.
  • Real ear verification testing.
  • Tinnitus advice and management as required.

If you would like to know more about any of the included benefits listed, please call 1800 345 924 or visit your local clinic today.