HearingLife Hearing Aid Trial


The trial covers loss, damage or failure to return the hearing device/s as detailed below.

  • The duration of trial is dependent on client’s hearing and lifestyle needs assessment, determined at the discretion of our hearing specialists.
  • Only one style device can be ordered and moulds and speakers are provided at no cost to the client.
  • HEARINGLife, is the owner of the hearing devices until such time as they are paid in full
  • The client may not reassign, transfer and/ or sell the hearing devices
  • The client agrees to:
    • Follow instructions provided by HEARINGLife for the proper use of the hearing aids
    • Use the hearing device/s in a proper manner, with reasonable care and solely for the purpose for which they are intended to be used
    • Properly store the hearing device/s in their storage container provided by HEARINGLife, when not in use
    • Not do any act which is likely to damage or alter the condition of the hearing device/s
  • The client agrees to make a follow-up appointment as specified in the trial agreement or by our hearing specialists.
  • In event of loss, damage or failure to return the hearing device/s, HEARINGLife reserves the right to charge the client up to 100% of the stated value in the trial agreement at its sole discretion.