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Refer a Patient

For GPs and ENTs

HearingLife provide a range of comprehensive hearing services* to your patients:

  • No cost* hearing check-ups (30mins)
  • Pre and Post employment hearing tests
  • Industrial hearing loss check-ups
  • Comprehensive hearing assessment and reports
  • Reassessment and check of hearing aids
  • Fitting of swimmer’s ear plugs
  • Fitting of noise reduction ear plugs
  • Accredited provider of Lyric (invisible hearing device)

Our ‘Refer a Patient’ program is your one-stop service for arranging hearing services with HearingLife for your patients. We respect the relationships you have with your patients and are committed to open communication and prompt follow-up professional service after your patient is assessed.


Download medical certificate referral form

Why refer your patient to HearingLife?


Working together with medical professionals in communities around Australia has been a big part of HearingLife culture since our foundation 29 years ago. Let us collaborate with you and your colleagues to provide the highest quality hearing healthcare for your patients.


Our Audiologists and Audiometrists are highly trained and committed to providing the best possible hearing healthcare services for your patients.

Ease of contact

Click or call, we offer several ways to refer patients, all well organised to save you time. Download a copy of Medical Certificate Referral Form or call us on 1800 340 631 and we’ll send you some for you to refer patients to our clinic.


We have over 160 locations in Australia and this provides your patients with convenient locations to access hearing services from Monday to Friday.

Information for GPs and ENTs

HearingLife accepts referrals for all adults 26 years of age or older who require an audiological assessment due to experiencing hearing difficulties. Our clinics are accredited to provide hearing services* to:

  • Hearing Services Program eligible clients
  • Clients eligible for compensation from WorkCover for hearing issues who work in Australia
  • Privately paying individuals, including those requiring pre or post employment hearing assessment.

Concerned about your hearing?

Request a hearing check at no cost*

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