5 tips for longer hearing aid battery life




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5 tips for longer hearing aid battery life

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

If you're a hearing aid user, you'll be familiar with how quickly the batteries tend to run out of power. 

Here are a few of our top tips for prolonging the life of your hearing aid batteries, whether you're a new or a long-time user. 

1. Wait a few minutes before inserting your battery into your hearing aid for the first time  

The zinc batteries are activated upon contact with oxygen, but it actually takes a few minutes for this process to occur. For the best results, wait five minutes after removing the sticker before inserting the battery into your hearing aid. 

2. Turn off your hearing aids overnight 

Leaving your device turned on overnight will unnecessarily drain the battery. When you remove your hearing aids before going to sleep, remember to turn them off and leave the battery compartment door open. 

Don't insert your hearing aid battery straight away. Don't insert your hearing aid battery straight away.

3. Keep your batteries dry

Avoid storing your hearing aid batteries in the bathroom or any moist environment, as this can drastically impact their life span. Similarly, keep your hearing aids dry and store them in a dehumidifier case to prevent any moisture from getting through to the batteries. 

4. Make sure your batteries are kept separate from metal objects

Tossing a spare hearing aid battery into your handbag or wallet might seem like a good idea, but it can actually damage your batteries. If a hearing aid battery comes into contact with other metal objects such as coins or keys it can cause them to short-circuit, according to Healthy Hearing1

5. Replace your spare batteries before for too long 

Batteries don't hold their charge forever. As noted by Audiology Online, hearing aid batteries lose capacity at a rate of approximately 3 per cent each year2. This means that after four years, you can expect your hearing battery to retain up to 88 per cent of its original charge2

If you have any questions about your hearing aids, or you think you may benefit from them, don't hesitate to reach out to your local audiologist.

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