Why you should wear your loud shirt with pride




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Why you should wear your loud shirt with pride

Posted on Oct 11, 2016

If you're roaming the streets on Friday, October 21, you might notice a bunch of people wearing some bright shirts. What's the deal, you wonder? It's Loud Shirt Day! This isn't just a day set aside to give you an excuse to finally put on that weird last-minute purchase, but instead, it's about supporting a group of people who are largely misunderstood.

The hearing loss community created this day in order to shed light and raise money to restore sound and speech to hard of hearing children. Let's find out some more about the importance of this day.

Why is Loud Shirt Day so important?

Loud Shirt Day is the opportunity to boost awareness and collect some funds for the cause. But it's also important that others who are less familiar with the real facts behind hearing loss learn more about it so the world can shake the stigma around these conditions. Once there are no more misconceptions, people can actually start to receive proper treatments, or identify a loved one's need to seek help as well. 

As knowledge is power, let's now take a moment to address some of these myths surrounding the hearing loss community so we can debunk them!

Wear your brightest shirt on Friday, October 21! Wear your brightest shirt on Friday, October 21!

Myth: Only the elderly suffer from hard of hearing. 

This is a huge fallacy that often keeps many from getting proper treatments. Truth is, hearing loss can hit all ranges of age Loud Shirt Day is particularly centred around helping kids with their hearing issues, but it in no way suggests that hearing loss affects only a certain age group. Never let your age stop you from getting the health of your ears properly checked out.

Myth: You have to have serious hearing loss to wear hearing aids.

Hearing solutions are good for all types of hearing loss, and using them as per the instructions of your qualified audiologist can prevent your hearing health from deteriorating as quickly. These solutions will fine tune everything from your daily conversations to the television shows you watch to deliver clarified sound. 

Myth: Hearing aids will make people look handicapped. 

Viewing hearing solutions as a 'handicap' is one of the biggest stigmas we need to let go of. Hearing loss is more common than you'd think, and the solutions that are available to those who need them can range from the classic behind-the-ear shape to barely visible to the eye!

At the end of the day, however, we have to remember that our ears are very delicate systems that require particular care. If you or a loved one need to get hearing looked at, click here to make a booking for a no cost* hearing test, or call us on 1300 308 125 today.

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