Hearing Awareness Week 2015: Could you benefit from a hearing solution?




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Hearing Awareness Week 2015: Could you benefit from a hearing solution?

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

In our everyday lives we often don't detect hearing loss amongst those we communicate with. However, deafness, hearing impairments and other ear disorders are far more common than you may realise, with one in six Australians thought to be affected1

The Department of Health's national Hearing Awareness Week aims to educate people on both the prevalence of hearing conditions as well as how to prevent and address them. 

Understanding the effect of hearing problems

One of the key messages for this year is how once we lose our natural ability to hear, we cannot get it back. Hearing loss usually occurs when the sensitive hair cells in our ear are irreversibly damaged, causing our perception of sound to alter2

According to the Victoria Government's Better Health Channel, some 17-20 per cent of the population suffer from tinnitus, a condition where people experience a internal ringing sound in their ears3

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, a number of people experiencing hearing conditions can find relief with a specialised hearing solution, but only if they seek help. 

If you believe that you or a loved one may have a hearing impairment, it is important to make an appointment with a hearing specialist as soon as possible – especially as hearing conditions, when left untreated, have the potential to become worse, according to the Scripps Research Institute4

Hearing Awareness Week is taking place this year from August 23-29. To find out more, visit hearingawarenessweek.org.au for more information.

Here at HEARINGLife, we are pleased to offer our patients a range of hearing solutions for hearing loss as well as tinnitus. If you're interested in learning more about preserving your hearing, click here or call 1300 308 125 to book a no cost* check-up with your local HEARINGLife clinic.

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