Debunking tinnitus myths




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Debunking tinnitus myths

Posted on Sep 1, 2015

Have you ever had a great time at a music concert, only to get home where it's quiet to find your ears ringing? Nearly everyone will have experienced the unsettling symptoms of tinnitus at some point in their life.

Thankfully, if you've ever been in this situation, the effect usually fades overnight. However, for some people, the internal ringing, humming or buzzing just doesn't go away – due to a condition called tinnitus.

According to the Victorian government's Better Health Channel, approximately 17-20 per cent of the Australian population is thought to suffer from tinnitus1. However, we'd wager that an even smaller percentage is actually aware of what the condition involves, so here we have a break down of some of the myths surrounding it. 

Only people who go to lots of loud night clubs can get tinnitus 

While overexposure to damaging volumes can certainly be a trigger for tinnitus, there can be many other causes for the condition. It can also accompany Meniere's Disease – an inner ear disorder – as well as problems with the temporomandibular​ joint in our jaw.  

In addition, the condition can be age-related, but as noted by Mayo Clinic, sometimes the cause of a person's tinnitus is never discovered2

Tinnitus will go away by itself 

People can experience tinnitus in very different ways, where their symptoms vary in frequency and intensity. However, for many, it isn't just a case of waiting it out, as tinnitus becomes a persistent factor in their lives – potentially affecting their mood and ability to sleep soundly. 

The sooner you see an audiologist, the sooner you can address the problem, and begin to find relief. 

There's nothing I can do about tinnitus

Thankfully, for those that seek help for their tinnitus, relief can be found in the form of specialised hearing devices that can help to minimise the symptoms. 

If you've been experiencing ringing in your ears and believe you may have tinnitus, click here or call 1300 308 125 to request a no cost* hearing check-up with your local HEARINGLife clinic.

1Better Health Channel, Tinnitus. Accessed August 25, 2015.

2Mayo Clinic, Tinnitus causes. Accessed August 25, 2015. 

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