Meet Enchant, the latest and very best hearing instrument technology from Sonic. Built on Sonic’s most powerful platform to date (SoundDNA), Enchant is designed to keep speech clear whilst reducing interfering noise and ensure the interaction of sounds around you is both natural and pure.

Enchant is now available with a rechargeable option+, making everyday life easier for hearing aid users. Simply charge your hearing aids overnight for a full-days charge^. Conventional batteries can still be used in emergencies.

With three different stylish models and performance levels, there’s an Enchant that will suit everyone.

Available Colours

  • beigebeige
  • taupetaupe
  • dark browndark brown
  • greygrey
  • dark greydark grey
  • blackblack
  • goldgold*

Style : Bliss mini BTE

*Gold color available in the Enchant100miniRITE only

  • miniRITE

  • miniRITE T

  • BTE 105

Features and Benefits

Smart Compress: Optimizes the amplification of sounds based on the environment and whether it is speech or noise, or both!

The result: You enjoy the most natural and clear sound at every moment and from one environment to the next, without having to press a button or change the volume.

SPiN Management: Three new technologies make up SPiN Management – SPiN Directionality, SPiN Noise reduction and SPiN Engage. These three technologies work together by adapting to the environment and accurately identifying speech whilst reducing noise.

The result: You can enjoy more of the conversation in noisy environments without distraction or discomfort.

Binaural Noise Management: Detects when one ear has significantly more noise coming into it than the other and works to balance the sound, so that the ear with the better speech signal is focused on.

The result: You experience a balanced sound that helps provide focus on speech, improves comfort and reduces listening effort.

Tinnitus Sound Support: Designed to provide relief from disturbing tinnitus. The system can be customized in several ways with relief sounds that include broadband and nature sounds.

The result: Tinnitus Sound Support can be used to provide you relief in a very targeted, customized and specific way.

Extended Dynamic Range: Expands the dynamic range of sound up to 113 dB SPL (Enchant 100 only). Traditional hearing aids typically only process an incoming signal up to 95 dB SPL which can lead to distortion occurring for higher input levels in the environment.

The result: You continue to experience a clear, undistorted sound when at live music concerts, theatre events, and the movies.

Dual-Radio: Enchant hearing aids use both Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) and 2.4 GHz technology for faster ear-to-ear communication and connection to external devices. Enchant is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid, which means it does not require an intermediary device to stream audio.

The result: You experience a richer listening experience and stay connected. 2.4 GHz technology allows for direct streaming of phone calls and music (iPhone® only), TV audio (adaptor required) and control of volume and programs (smartphone required).

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