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Rebecca McKelvie

I am a qualified Audiologist and have been working with HearingLife since January 2013, after completing my Master of Clinical Audiology at The University of Melbourne. Prior to this, I also studied a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne with a major in Psychology. I have worked in a number of areas of audiology including diagnostic assessment, adult audiological assessment, adult aural rehabilitation, hearing device fitting, tinnitus assessment and management and WorkCover testing. I became interested in Audiology because my father has lived with hearing loss for many years and I saw firsthand how challenging it is to lead a life with hearing loss. Therefore, I wanted to help make the life of my father and other people living with hearing loss, easier. The most rewarding aspect are when my client’s come back and excitedly tell me about all the new sounds they are hearing and how much their new hearing aids have changed their lives! What a rewarding career!

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