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Donna Bonus

I have been working in the hearing industry since 1995. I started my own business so that I could provide a service to clients the way I wanted; which is very personal but very professional. I started out working as an Office Manager for a prominent hearing clinic in Sydney and comlpeted the Audiometry Course through TAFE. With excellent Audiologists as my colleagues and teachers, I have developed my skills and have carried on in a clinical role expanding my knowledge every year. I am very passionate about helping people to hear and providing a service that is personal. Sound is so wonderful and hearing is one of our very valuable senses. I cannot image not being able to hear the birds early every morning as I sit on the verandah with my dogs snoring softly beside me. The day slowly comes alive; I can hear the ocean softly “rumbling” in the distance, the soft swish of the breeze, traffic in the distance reminds me I am not the only one up early preparing for the day of work ahead. These sounds are so precious to me and sooth me – they are my morning sounds!

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