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Cate Adlam

I am university trained and have over 20 years of experience in the hearing profession, working with both adults and children. After completing my Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Audiology at Curtin University in Perth, I began my audiology career in Tasmania. I spent 3½ years in Tasmania working for the Commonwealth Government, Australian Hearing. I spent a further 3 years working with Australian Hearing in Perth in a variety of roles including Paediatric Specialist, Hearing Aid Technology Specialist, Acting Hearing Centre Manager and a clinical advising role that provided training and quality assurance monitoring for all clinicians within the organisation.

Following my time at Australian Hearing, I then spent another 6 years in the private sector in adult hearing aid rehabilitation working with HearingLife before opening her own independent private practice to continue my work.  Nine years later I have returned to HearingLife to concentrate more on the clinical side of my work rather than the business aspects.  I take great pride in solving my clients’ hearing issues in a supportive and friendly manner.