Alta2 comes with the latest technologies. These technologies work together to give you excellent sound quality – in all types of situations.

Available Colours

  • silversilver
  • silver greysilver grey
  • steel greysteel grey
  • terracottaterracotta
  • chroma beigechroma beige
  • chestnut brownchestnut brown
  • diamond blackdiamond black
  • lime greenlime green

Style : Bliss mini BTE

  • Power BTE

  • designRITE

Alta2 Benefits

  • Attention to sound quality
  • Focus on the message
  • Adapt to your surroundings
  • Listen without whistle
  • Automatic excellence
  • Synchronisation with your devices
  • Better understanding speech in noisy environment
  • Conversation in noise
  • Music
  • Lecture
  • Comfort in noise

Benefits rating : basic advance premium

Is Alta2 the right hearing solution for you?

Alta2 is more than just excellent sound quality. It is also the most customisable premium hearing aid Oticon have ever made.

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