Nigel Patrick Bonello

Nigel Bonello has worked for Hearing Life for 12 years at the metropolitan West Lakes branch and visits Whyalla once a month for 3 days. He’s been a practicing audiologist for over 17 years, having been an established medical researcher in the years prior, during which time he had 11 international journal publications, presenting at numerous national and international symposia and was twice the South Australian finalist in the Australian Society of Reproductive Biology’s junior scientist awards. But Nigel then realized he wanted to assist others more directly and immediately through clinical work, so shifted his focus ‘up the body’ to ears and hearing, and in 1999 was 1 of 6 who completed Flinders University’s inaugural Masters of Audiology degree.

Now one of Adelaide’s most experienced rehabilitative audiologists, and with his special interest in presbycucis (age-related hearing loss), Nigel takes pride in maximally improving his patients’ hearing ability. His other great passion is audiological education and having completed his own Doctorate of Audiology in 2014, Nigel has also been involved with the hearing health training of General Practice nurses, Aged Care staff, the hearing conservation of farmers, and is an established clinical supervisor of Audiology Masters students and newly graduated audiologists throughout their entire intern year.