Edward Bosloper

I have a keen interest in technological advances and am dedicated to provide a professional and compassionate delivery of hearing health care. I have had experience in private hearing assessments, Workers Compensation and the provision of hearing aids under the Office of Hearing Services program.
I started my career working 2 years full-time in Industrial Deafness and Workers Compensation before taking on managing my own business in Manly. I have now made the move to the South Coast to build a future with my fiancé. I am looking forward to build my client base and establish good relationships with referral sources.

I have a passion for helping people with hearing loss gain ability to reconnect through a variety of technologies.

I recently underwent an intensive two-day training session on BaHa implants with Cochlea and is now our specialist BaHa consultant. Clients are able to have a trial of the softband option of BaHa which can be a great help with their surgical decision.