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    Townsville Family Medical Centre,
    55-59 Keane Street,
    Currajong, QLD 4812
    Phone: (07) 4755 2400
    We are situated on the corner of Keane Street and Old Dalrymple Service Road in the Woolcock Centre

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All HEARINGLife clinics are wheelchair accessible

Neelam Sunder

Masters of Audiology

Neelam Sunder- QP working as a senior audiologist at Hearing Life in Townsville. I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2006 and have been practicing Audiology since then. I joined hearing life in May 2014. I love to help people hear better, to enjoy their life to the fullest, to participate and to make them feel that they ‘belong’. I have seen some people in tears when they finally can hear after a long time and that makes me feel my profession and my degree is worthwhile- that I was able to make a change in someone’s life and relationships- for good. In my 10 years of career I noticed some people’s speech improving because they can hear speech better. Education: Masters of Audiology from University of Queensland. Bachelors of Health Sciences from University of Auckland.