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All HEARINGLife clinics are wheelchair accessible

Michelle Guerrero-Dukha

BSc Pharmacy, MClAud, DipHDPE, MACAud Such

Michelle has been working in adult hearing rehabilitation for over 9 years. She joined HEARINGLife almost 3 years ago when she relocated to Western Australia. From a young age, Michelle has always wanted to be a health professional. She saw first-hand how hearing loss affects the lives of people close to her; and since then has been passionate about helping people hear better to improve their quality of life.
Michelle obtained her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Master in Clinical Audiology from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines in 2005 and 2007, respectively. A year after obtaining her Audiology degree, she relocated to Australia and acquired her Diploma of Hearing Device Prescription and Evaluation from TAFE NSW. She has been to several local and international audiology conferences over the years, and is a Full Member of the Australian College of Audiology (ACAud).

Suchitra Jayaram


Suchitra has been working as an Audiometrist at Hearing Life since April 2013. She has worked for both private and government owned hearing care providers and has fitted hearing devices from all major hearing aid manufacturers, since completing her qualification in 2006. Her interest in audiology and hearing therapy was implanted by her husband who is the Head of the Hearing Services at the Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre. She is very passionate about her job as she feels that hearing is one of the most important senses without which one can become isolated and detached. Being able to hear ensures the best quality of life. Suchitra also has a Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Education degrees.